Monday, July 27, 2009

Skirt steak with chimichurri & parmesan crusted zucchini

In order to use up the skirt steak McD got the other night, I decided a nice fresh chimichurri was in order. Not really knowing what I was doing, but remembering the fantastically amazing sauce my Dad makes, but not finding it, I went with this version as my inspiration.

The skirt steak was probably a pound and a half or so. I covered it in "Mexican" seasoning from my cabinet and let it sit while I made everything else.

2 cloves of garlic
a big old handful of cilantro
a big old handful of parsley
a tsp or so of cumin
a tsp or so of chili powder
juice from one lemon
a couple of glugs of red wine vinegar (2-3 tsps I'd guess)
olive oil

I put the garlic and leafy fellas in the food processor and pulverized as much as my dull old blade would allow (I think I might be using the food processor my parents got when they were married, like for reals, this thing is OLD). Then I added the spices and liquid stuffs and blended again. I put it into a bowl and added "enough" olive oil to make it paste-y.
Then, I let this sit while I cooked the steak on my grill pan to medium rare (in my case this was probably 8 minutes on each side, but I think it's usually closer to 6 if you're using a real grill).

Ooh! But before I put the steak on, I got the zucchini ready. Turned oven up to 425, cut 3 zukes in half lengthwise, covered with olive oil, garlic powder, a tiny bit of salt, some pepper, and a hearty amount of grated Parmesan cheese. Easy peasy. Into the oven they went while I cooked the steak.

I let the steak sit for 10 minutes or so before cutting it (the zukes were still in the oven, so what's that like, 20 minutes already? So I just turned the heat off and left them in to stay warm). I sliced it into half inch thick slices and plated it, then topped it with the chimichurri sauce. Ta da! And South Beach Phase 1 appropriate.


Quinn said...

will you make this if I help you move? That looks amazing.

Rogue Designs said...

I will make you whatever you want if you help me move!!

Lisann said...

i will making the zucchini tonight...yummyy