Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lemony goodness cocktails

Giada is killing me this morning.
Blueberry limoncello cooler? Get outta here!

1 (750-ml) bottle limoncello liqueur, chilled
1 cup sparkling water, chilled
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries *see Cook's Note
5 fresh mint sprigs, lightly crushed, plus extra for garnish
Crushed ice

In a pitcher, combine the limoncello, sparkling water, blueberries, and mint sprigs.

Fill highball glasses halfway with crushed ice. Pour about 1/2 cup of the limoncello mixture over the ice in each glass.

Garnish with mint sprigs and serve.

*Cook's Note: If using frozen blueberries, add them to the pitcher just before serving.

This also reminds me of my strong desire to make a lavender simple syrup so that I can make a lavender lemonade cocktail. Maybe I'll give it a whirl with rosemary today; both with regular sugar, and Splenda. OMG you guys, a sugar free sweetened summer cocktail for us South Beachers? Hell. Yes.
I'm envisioning a shot of citrus vodka, maybe, a tablespoon of herb flavored simple syrup (I'll have to taste it), juice of one lemon, and some soda. Top it with a spring of whatever herb I've used and a lemon slice. Is it wrong to want this before breakfast?

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