Monday, July 13, 2009

Melon and feta salad

After the tequila soaked watermelon at a recent party and DC's yummy "compressed watermelon" with acacia honey and Filipino sea salt the other night, I've been reconsidering my aversion to watermelon. I don't hate watermelon or anything, it just doesn't really get me going. But, when it's paired with salt and vinegary goodness (or booze), I find I like it much better. This weekend I had a similar salad with cantaloupe and cucumber instead of watermelon and it was just as good - fresh, light, and fantastic.
Now I'm envisioning a beautiful salad of honeydew, watermelon & cantaloupe with thinly sliced red onions, feta or cotija cheese, and either mint or basil with some sort of light vinaigrette. I'm going to do it as a built salad, not a tossed one - I don't like how it looks when the cheese starts breaking down; I like it sprinkled over the top.
I don't even know how to write a recipe for this, I just know what it needs to look and taste like. Give it a shot yourself if you're reading this (anyone?).


Amanda said...

You are the only other person on the planet I know who doesn't really like watermelon either.

Cynical Siren said...

I think watermelon is just ok too. For some reason, I'm more into frozen water melon or watermelon smoothies, than the actual fruit itself.

Also, feta makes everything better...therefore you're a genius

Quinn said...

I remember the first time I had a similar salad. At first I was afraid, but after one bit, I was sold. It was worth the risk.