Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buffalo Chicken Salad

The good news: I love buffalo wings.
The bad news: I know how they're made.
The good news: It's easy to translate the flavors into a salad (even a vegetarian one).

It really is as simple as making a salad with romaine or iceberg lettuce, celery, cucumbers, green onions and tomatoes. I toss the salad with either lowfat ranch or a blue cheese, sometimes with blue cheese crumbles on top; depends on how healthy I'm trying to be.

The chicken is also just as easy - all you need is some chicken (I love to grab a roaster chicken on the way home for this, or use leftover chicken) and some Frank's hot sauce - I've tried lots of different hot sauces, and Frank's is my fave. It's a great blend of vinegar and spice and just all around yum. Today, I went veg and used Morningstar Farms buffalo chicken tenders (which I also tossed in Frank's after cooking and cutting up into smaller pieces).

They go down right on top of the tossed salad and it's lunch time.
(can we also mention that I love that my iPhone takes decent photos or I would never post any here? kthx)

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Cynical Siren said...

This looks so amazing right now. Jen! Come be our chef! I can pay you in puppy kisses