Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steak Sandwich

Thanks to a lovely dinner at La Petite Rive in Little River, CA - I was struck with inspiration.  The chef prepared an amuse bouche featuring a little chompsworth of steak, with blue cheese and a grilled peach.  The flavors were lovely and even summery.  I was struck with bbq picnic inspiration and insisted on whipping up some sandwiches, despite Patrick's aversion to blue cheese (I just subbed in a shallot/balsamic reduction on his sandwich for the blue cheese on mine) - fool.

1 slab o' London Broil
seasoned with salt & pepper
soy sauce
balsamic vinegar
4 cloves of garlic
olive oil

1 can of sliced peaches in juice or light syrup - you don't need all that sugar (the store didn't have any fresh quite yet)
blue cheese (a chunk to crumble, or ready to go crumbles, or whatever you like or is on sale)
sourdough rolls

Season the steak with salt and pepper.  Smash the garlic cloves (you don't even have to take the skins off) and add them to your mix of soy, balsamic & oil.  I probably use mostly balsamic with about half the amount of soy and oil each.  This is one of my dad's little creations, but he uses rosemary too - I didn't want the competing flavor so I left it out.  For other usage though - I highly recommend it!
I allowed this to marinate for a couple of hours, turning frequently.

Grill up the steak to your preferred doneness and set aside to rest before slicing.  While it's resting, grill the peaches.  Split open your roll, toss on some arugula and blue cheese, top that with the slices of steak, and that with the grilled peaches. 

For the Patrick version, I just minced a small shallot; sauteed it in a little bit of olive oil until translucent, then added a cup or so of balsamic vinegar and allowed it to cook down by about half.  I drizzled this all over the bread before adding the arugula.

This made me so hungry typing it up that I almost can't stand it.

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