Monday, April 12, 2010

S'more Pie

While watching Alex's Day Off this weekend, she made a birthday cake with marshmallow frosting. Marshmallow frosting! That set me off on this s'more pie spiral that I couldn't get out of until I posted about it.
I realize this is not new, and that there are probably a million 236,000 recipes out there for s'more pie, but this is what I was thinking, so therefore it's mine.

Graham cracker crust (obvi)
Layer of chocolate ganache
Chocolate mousse (maybe with chocolate chips; maybe with those chocolate covered graham crackers; maybe just the mousse)
Marshmallow (or the marshmallow frosting) - blow torched to perfection

Make the ganache and pour it into the crust (this is how I like my banana cream pies too, fyi). Let sit so the ganache can firm up a bit. Make the mousse and then layer that on top of the ganachey crust. Let sit in the fridge while you make the marshmallow. Top with the marshmallow and let sit to firm up a bit, then blow torch and serve.
All the flavor of camping (minus the smoke and dirt), with none of the packing of gear.

If you want more direction than I just offered, give this one a whirl. (and fair enough, that pie crust looks pretty easy to make; I'm thinking you should go with the salted butter though, since a little bit of salt with sugar = awesome.)
I recommend a darker chocolate since I think a huge slab of sugary milk chocolate, sugary marshmallow and sugary pie crust might be a bit much. Think about how small s'mores are people. Sure, we can all eat three of them, but there is time in between chomps and the making is part of the fun. Trust me and go a little more grown up with richer flavors versus pure sugar.

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