Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corned Beef & Cabbage

Between this helpful recipe and Trader Joe's, I made my first ever corned beef dinner for St. Pat's. It wasn't as falling apart as I'm used to, maybe next time instead of cooking it on high for four hours, I'll go for low for 8 hours. Or maybe high for 6 hours. Decisions decisions.
In any case, the TJ's beef came ready seasoned - I just popped it into the slow cooker with a can of Murphy's Irish Stout and water until the meat was covered. That was it.
Once the meat was done, we let it rest for 20 minutes while I cooked the potatoes and cabbage in the reserved cooking liquid from the meat (I just transferred it to another pot and put it on the stove), as the recipe suggested.
Served up with mustard and dark beer, it was tasty, and a fitting toast to Miss Shaddy O'Shea, who I'll miss forever.

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Amanda said...

I hate corned beef with a passion. :( I'm glad your cooking came out well though.