Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yet another steak & mushroom option

Williams Humbert'S Dry Sack Sherry Advertisement 1956
I feel like steak and mushrooms are everywhere, especially in South Beach Diet meals.  Last night after returning from a burger joint (where I only ate my patty, some salad, some sparkling water, and okay fine, five sweet potato fries), my darling co-South Beacher had not yet eaten.
I whipped him up a steak (seasoned with salt, pepper, Garlic seasoning and onion powder), perfectly medium rare (it was really a thing of beauty) and some sauteed mushies.  I didn't just want to leave them MUSHROOM flavored, so I reduced down some beef broth with a dash of Dry Sack and some fresh cracked pepper, and finished it off with a tablespoon of butter.
I cooked the mushies in another tablespoon of butter and a little bit of olive oil and some garlic.  I'm sure the Dry Sack was a bit of a no-no, but what can I say?  My dad got me hooked on Dry Sack and mushrooms as a child and it's one of my favorite flavor combos to this day.

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Quinn said...

Your dad giving you sherry as a kid explains a whole lot more than your love of mushrooms.