Friday, October 22, 2010

I die.

Small things are cute.
Animals are cute.
Small animals are super cute.
Cake is good.
Small animal cakes make my head esplode.

I am SO making the bunnies, but probably with my fave bunny face (though please disregard how much this looks like a French bulldog; I'll do French bulldogs next):
My friend Noelle made the chicks last Easter, and while they were too sweet for eating in my opinion (7 year old me would kick me in the shins for even suggesting such an abomination), they were so insanely cute that they simply must exist.
Now, do I do white cake and white frosting to stick with the white?  Probably.  I'll come up with some species to create for my birthday so I can do yellow cake with chocolate frosting, omg yum.  Boston terriers?  Nah, I'll probably just make cute little faces on them.

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Quinn said...

You slay me. Always.