Sunday, October 17, 2010

Graveyard Cakes

I know I want to make something sweet for this year's Halloween party.  Of course, I would LOVE to make my sugar cookies in adorable Halloween shapes, but to use up a bit of the masses and masses of cake mix and frosting I have in the pantry, I think Graveyard Cakes are where it's at.  Plus; way easier.
I thought about doing one cake, and decorating it with crushed Oreo "earth" and some mini tombstones, but then found some ADORABLE little cupcake kits and decided cupcakes are easier to deal with in a group setting anyway.
I thought it would be extra fun to do a childhood throwback - remember those old Jell-O pudding filled cupcakes we had as kids?  And goo seems graveyardy. . .score.
Alas, recipes for those are difficult to come by and they don't make the kits any more.  But why not just inject the darn things?  If Sandra Lee can do it, so can I.
So - a box of chocolate cake mix, a can of chocolate frosting, and a package of chocolate instant pudding (or vanilla and dye it orange maybe?  Or disgusting brownish green goo colored?), and some crushed chocolate cookies.
Bake the cupcakes and make the pudding.
Once the cupcakes are cool, inject the pudding into the cakes.
Frost with frosting and dust generously with chocolate cookie crumbs.
Decorate as desired (you can always do the gummy worm thing if you want, but I always pull those out and end up eating them separately or not at all; candy corn and candy pumpkins would be good too).
Eat your heart out Sandra.

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