Saturday, July 31, 2010

What IS IT with Mexico?!

I have made two half assed, "eh, it's close to Mexican food because it exhibits flavors present in Mexican cuisine" dishes since I've been in Mexico.  Very similar to things I would make at home.  But here?  They are freaking delicious; at home they're okay.  What the hell?

The first thing I made was a quesadilla.  Tough right?  Yeah; it was mind blowing.
Tonight I made steak tacos with homemade guacamole - in fact, the guacamole was LESS complex than I make it at home and 1000 times better.
I don't know if it's the brands, or the meat, or the pan, or the altitude or what, but I don't think I'll be happy with several of my "Mexican" dishes when I get home.  Maybe that's why I spent $300 on kitchen equipment today (hey, it was on sale).  Or maybe that's just because I'm a shopaholic.
Mexican dishes I DON'T think I'll be trying when I get home?  Huitlacoche (aka corn smut).  I definitely want to try it while I'm here, but I doubt it's something I'll be doing at home.  I know I know, you're too lazy to click the link.  Let me break it down for you.  A prime delicacy round these parts, is to eat corn that has been infected with a fungus.  It looks even more delicious than it sounds, let me tell you:

Thoughts abound on the etymology of the name; but let's just say that most agree that it has something to do with shit.  I think it was due to this that chefs tried to rename it "the Mexican truffle" - nice try guys.  According to my research, it has an earthy, mushroomy flavor that terrifies and intrigues me.  I like truffles.  I love mushrooms.  I love wine made from grapes that has been infected with botrytis. All fungus.  Why not corn fungus?  Aside from it looking absolutely horrendous, I think I'm too curious to not order it if I see it on a menu.  
If you're now all worked up and wanting to check this stuff out, the good (?) news is that it is available canned.  And we all know how yummy canned things can be!  In any case, here are a gabillion recipes to get you started.
You're welcome.

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