Friday, July 9, 2010

Pho home!

Pho (pronounced fuh, not faux, you xenophobe) at home is now easy AND SOUTH BEACHY AND GLUTEN FREE OMG.  Thanks Whole Foods!!!

As I was strolling along the other day, I saw this little box in the "new stuff!" area.  Brown rice noodles?  Hmm, you don't say.  Pho at home without hours and hours spent making broth?  Interesting.  I'm in.
I opted for the Garlic Goodness flavor (obviously), but there was also shiitake mushroom and zesty ginger I believe; plus a larger box of plain old noodles with no seasoning packet.  And dudes - you can buy them on Amazon (see the bottom of the post).
Some broth (I recommend sticking to the recommended beef broth, and NOT using the low sodium since I ended up having to add quite a bit of salt), some meat (I used some rotisserie chicken I had on hand, but you could use super thinly sliced beef which will cook in the broth, or cooked shrimp or bbq pork if you wanted), and some veggies (we opted for green onions and cilantro - both musts if you ask me, and mushrooms and red peppers).  Hard boiled eggs, bamboo shoots, basil, sliced jalapenos and mungbean sprouts would also be fantastic additions.
Heat up the broth with the seasoning packet and then toss in your meat and heartier veggies to heat through or cook, then add the noodles and cook til soft.  Add the cilantro and stir in, and finish with a squeeze of lime over the top if you're so inclined, plus a squirt of Sriracha, and dinner is ready.  Decent pho at home, hooray!!!  The box serves two hungry eaters.

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Quinn said...

Hey hungry eater, what does it cost at WF?