Thursday, July 22, 2010


As I sit here in Mexico with no one to exclaim to (boo hoo right?), I have to share the new float madness with you, Dear Reader (so basically me, Quinn or Amanda.  Hi!).  Not new to everyone, but new to me, okay?
Quinn over at Libation Lab got me started with his talk of bourbon coke floats, and then Sara Kate over at The Kitchn rubbed it in my face with her cherry lambic floats, and then the readers went and put salt in the wound with their talk of cherry lambic with chocolate ice cream, or orange liqueur over vanilla ice cream and use of sour cherry compote or what the hell ever; and then, what the?  Even the cat wants it.

I'm not going to post a recipe here, because, hi - it's stuff over ice cream, but I might add tasty flavor combos here if I come up with any on my own after salivating over all of these.

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