Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Loving the latest Food Network Star

I caught the premiere of Melissa D'Arabian's new show on the Food Network this weekend and it was tasty.
She thinks she can help me make Ten Dollar Dinners and WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT MS. D'ARABIAN. Who do you think you are? Sandra Lee? (who by the way you guys has made it clear to me that I can only have you over for brunch or breakfast type foods because omg, she made a multicourse meal for 4 for a few bucks per person, versus the $30 I'm usually spending BECAUSE I LOVE MY FRIENDS).
In any case, chairs on tables and cocktail time aside; Melissa's French bistro menu looked omg so good and not South Beachy. Wait, the salad was South Beachy. The torte, not even a little bit. Seems I'm not the only fan because her first show was on Sunday and her recipe already has almost 300 reviews with a four star rating overall. That spells delicious in my book. The dressing she uses on the green salad is a great basic vinaigrette and I can't wait to try it out - the addition of soy sounds fun (again, not alone here; nearly 100 reviews with a FIVE STAR rating). Plus, her little granita could not be easier to make, just don't forget it's in there until it's a solid brick like someone may have done when she made granita with her leftover popsicle fixins.

Now that I'm dying for potatoes and thyme cream and gruyere and flakey, delicious pastry, I'm wondering if there are any South Beach options that come anywhere near this. I'm going to guess no, but a search for "South Beach torte" brings up a few options anyway.

Flourless Chocolate Orange Torte - I am so wary of the SB desserts that I say you are on your own if you try this; but please let me know how it turns out
Asparagus Shallot and Spinach Torte - now we're getting somewhere. . . . I'm a little afraid of the crust and I'm thinking you might be better off buying something ready made from a low-carb outlet like the Brazilian Cheese Bread Company, or maybe using the Carbquick.
More desserty options here that use beans as the base. Um. ?
This one here is just for my mom, even though she doesn't really read my blog. Rude.

All in all, I think if I want that delicious salty, creamy, potatoey torte, I'm just going to have to go for it and you'd better believe I will enjoy every second of it. Until then, maybe I can satisfy my craving with SB Pot Pie?

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