Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hell yeah suckas - it's POPSICLE SEASON!

After Quinn commented on my popsicle molds the other day when searching my cabinets for ginger, I had a little "oh yeah, I forgot about those" moment. And then today, Liz posts THIS little beauty on Twitter.
What about Thai Iced Tea Pops?! Oh man - now I'm really daydreaming you guys. Think of all the SB possibilities I could try to come up with! Because this? Meh.

Chocolate banana (duh)!
Strawberry banana!
Banana "caramel" (Quinn once accidentally tried making caramel with Splenda - I think it kind of worked for like a minute, right?)
Tropical fruit flavors like pineapple cream!
Mango cream!
Traditional orange cream!
Root beer floats or Brown Cows if you must (mmmm, like the real one last night at Luna Park that was def not SB)!
Combo flavors! Pineapple raspberry!
Blueberry cream!
Strawberry lemon!

Oh man, guess who would be making popsicles all weekend if she wasn't going to be lounging poolside instead. Oooh!
Lavender lemon fizz popsicles (sans vodka obvi)!!!! I wonder if our hotel room has a freezer. . . .

Lime in da coconut pops - I think kaffir lime is the way to go, maybe with a little kick of spicy chili
Lemonade rosemary (easily made into lavender lemon fizz)
Creamsicle-esque - also making me think of rootbeer granita
Margarita pops (wondering how I can make sangria pops. . . . . )


Amanda said...


When can I come over for deliciousness?

Quinn said...

I was all excited to comment that I found your popsicle molds as soon as I read the title, then saw that you beat me to it. I would like an orange creamsicle please.