Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just found two fun new websites (thanks to the clever folks over at Food & Wine). Eat Drink or Die is the lovechild of the Funny or Die geniuses and Tom Colicchio. Stupid easy videos (check out the chicken pot pie one if you don't believe me).
Rouxbe has just motivated me to try making chocolate chip cookies from scratch (you may have to register - it's free - to see the video). I don't usually do this as I tend to be disappointed with my results. Also, why bother when the Toll House ready to go dough turns out so well? These ones actually look like I WANT my cookies to look, so I'm hoping they live up to expectations in taste as well. Then I can play with additions and make my own fabulous creations.

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Quinn said...

Good resources. Thanks, Schatz!