Monday, October 6, 2008

Vanilla Extract

A few weeks ago, I started on my vanilla extract. Because I'm me, I certainly did not remember to shake my bottle vigorously every day for the first week, but it still seems to be coming along nicely.

It smells amazing in any case. I can't wait to try it out, but I'm nervous about being able to tell when it's ready. I guess I can do a taste test with the standard bottle of stuff I have from TJ's. I'm all ready for mine to blow it right out of the water. Don't let me down extract!!!

* update *
It doesn't smell amazing. It smells weird. The little vanilla scraps at the rim smelled amazing, but the extract itself smells a bit. . . plastic.
The Eel was brave enough to take a sip last night. He concurs; it's weird. Was it my beans? I sterilized my bottle and lid first (breaking one in the process). . . I used Skyy vodka. . . I don't understand!

** update to update **
I went crying to the guy that wrote the instructable I followed. He preached patience and said I'd probably be fine given time. Phew!!!

** update 11.30.08 **
Thank goodness I looked at the instructables again and saw that I'm supposed to let this sit for 6 months! I was just about to strain out the beans! It smells amazing now, yay. I'm tempted to portion it out into the smaller bottles, WITH the beans and caviar, so it's ready to give as Christmas gifts, but I can try to be patient for at least another few weeks. . . . I want to use those beans to make vanilla sugar and make little creme brulee gift sets or something else vanilla-y delicious.


themaskedvixen said...

This depresses me and I'm not exactly sure why :( I love cooking and make experiments.

Ugh and you make me use my livejournal name to log in. THAT HURTS :(

- Amanda

Rogue Designs said...

Sorry hon, changed settings, just for you!

M. Quinn Sweeney said...

Update to update to update: I smelled it last week and it is starting to smell great.