Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enchiladas Verdes (de Gabriel)

the master at work
While I think I can whip up a pretty tasty guera-lada, we had an ACTUAL MEXICAN teach us the way yesterday.  One of the guys I met here has started up his own "I come to your house and teach you how to cook" type businesses - so if you're ever in SMA, give him a shout.  Also, if you're incredibly wealthy and would like to fly him to where you live, I bet he'd be game. 
This preparation of enchiladas is totally different than what I was used to; what with the frying of the tortillas.  Thanks Gabriel!!  Tus enchiladas son muy deliciosos.  That sounds dirty.

the masterpiece
Enchiladas de Gabrielserves 3 people - 4 enchiladas per person

20 tomatillos
3 chiles serranos (or to taste; be careful, some chiles are hotter than others - if you're a wimp, start with one or two and add more later)
1 handful of cilantro
1/2 white onion - thinly sliced
2 cloves of garlic
12 or so corn tortillas
sour cream
queso fresco
salt & pepper
olive oil

Crumble or grate the cheese and thinly slice the onions - set both aside. 
Peel the skins off and wash the tomatillos to remove the sticky stuff (which can make your salsa bitter; you might even want to use a little soap to help, just be sure you rinse the tomatillos well).
Boil the clean tomatillos with the chiles and the garlic in enough water to cover them.
Once done (the tomatillos go from bright green to olive green; 15-20 minutes), remove the veggies using a slotted spoon and transfer to the blender or food processor.  Use a little bit of the cooking water (1/4 - 1/2 cup) to thin the salsa.  Add a generous pinch of salt and half of the cilantro (save some for garnish).  Puree until smooth.
Pour the salsa back into the pot you boiled the veggies in; add a little bit of chicken broth or stock to desired consistency, and let simmer.
In another pan, heat enough olive oil to submerge the tortillas.  Once ready, place a tortilla into the oil and flip - the idea is just to cook them a little bit, NOT to get them crispy.  Maybe 5 seconds per side is good.  When lifting out, allow the excess oil to drain back into the pan.  From the oil, place tortilla directly into the salsa verde and submerge.  Remove the tortilla to a plate; fill with some of the queso (maybe 4 tablespoons or so), and either roll or fold the tortilla closed.
Repeat with the remaining tortillas.
Once you have finished making the enchiladas, plate them up separately.  Arrange four on each plate and cover generously with remaining salsa.  Dollop a bit of sour cream onto each, and sprinkle with cilantro and sliced onions.
Serve with rice and or beans if you like.

And for those of you that would prefer it in Gabriel's words, here is his receta.  (Gabe/Gab - si tengo algo mal, que me haga saber!  Gracias por compartir tu receta.)

Las Enchiladas Verdes 
(2 porciones)

20 tomatillos
3 chiles serranos

1 manojo cilantro
1/2 cebolla
2 dientes de ajo
Crema espesa
Queso fresco o panela
Pimienta y sal
Aceite de oliva


Ralle el queso y corte rodajas de cebolla.

Limpie los tomatillos retirando el papel, y lavando con agua y jabón, enjuague.

Hierva los tomatillos junto con los chiles y los dientes de ajo.
Agregue en el vaso de la licuadora junto con unas ramitas de cilantro y un poco de sal.

En un sartén con aceite caliente agregue el puré y sazone. Agregue un poco del caldo de
pollo hasta lograr la consistencia deseada (ligeramente espesa)

En otro sartén caliente aceite suficiente para sumergir una tortilla.

Caliente la tortilla previamente, y rápidamente pásela por el aceite. Cuidando no tostarla.
Después de pasarla por el aceite sumerja cuidadosamente en la salsa verde y sáquela.
Coloque la tortilla abierta y enchilada en un plato chico, agregue queso rallado y cierre en
forma de quesadilla. Repita 4 veces.

Al tener las 4 enchiladas en el plato, tome más salsa verde y bañe las enchiladas.
Ponga un poco de crema y rodajas de cebolla encima. Adorne con hojas de cilantro.

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sheryl said...

i am so glad i brought home the salsa - my roomie and i are eating it right now and it is making us so happy...love the spice!