Thursday, April 9, 2009

No cook dinner

Tonight I had one of those - "hmmmm, haven't been shopping, what do I have in the pantry that I can eat for dinner?" nights. So, channeling my inner Sandra Lee, I started hunting.
I found Trader Joe's black bean soup first, and remembered I had some sundried tomato sausage (also from TJ's) in the freezer. Smoky sausage and black bean soup go together well, so I was onto something.
I nuked the sausage to thaw and "cook" it, then cut it up tiny, threw it in a bowl of soup, and nuked that. Um, that's it. Flavor wise, it's pretty darn tasty - next time I try this, I think I'll open a can of black beans and smash some of those up to thicken the soup - it's pretty watery. It would also benefit from some tomatoes and cilantro, maybe even corn, but I don't want to get crazy. Hopefully next time I'll also have some tortilla chips.
So for those of you that don't cook, but reheat like champs, here you go. I recommend it with one of my nummerific peach margaritas. I'd make one for you, but I used the last of the peach juice, sorry.


Quinn said...

make ME something nummerific please

Rogue Designs said...

PHBF, I ALWAYS make you nummerific things.


* poof! * You're something nummerific!

Whichever you prefer.