Sunday, June 15, 2008


Could scallops be any easier? I really think not. If only they were less expensive, I'd eat them far more often. I think they're good for me too (please don't correct me if I'm wrong, not that it matters, since I douse them in all kinds of fat laden sauce anyway).

A "knob" of butter
A "glug" of olive oil
s & p
(toldja it was easy)

Heat the butter & oil in a skillet over med-hi. Salt and pepper your scallops while you wait for the pan and fats to heat up.
Once the pan starts to smoke, you're good to go. Place your scallops in the pan (don't crowd them; they shouldn't be touching - you don't want them to steam) and leave 'em alone. Once they get golden brown on the bottom (2-3 minutes), flip and do the same on the other side.
Et voila. They should be browned to your liking on both sides, translucent in the middle.
Stupid easy, crazy delicious.

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