Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Iron Chef - Battle Chocolate - Part Deux

(peep the big winner chocolate chile mole enchiladas up front, and the architectural phenomenon Aztec temples behind them to the right!)
Well, it's finally over and my efforts were somewhat rewarded. I got a nod for originality on my dessert, and for plating on my pork (yes, I went with pork, even though I spent $40 on lamb first). Quinn was called out for plating of the Secret Treasure of the Aztec Temple and an Angry Conquistador, and Manders scored for originality with her chocolate/brie/basil grilled cheese. I must say, AO's white chocolate creme brulee was my favorite dessert of the evening.
The lovely K-No took the overall title of Iron Chef. I'm trying to coax them all into giving me their recipes to post here so stay tuned. Here is the breakdown of dishes:
Me - Cocoa rubbed pork tenderloin with chocolate barbecue sauce on a bed of smashed potatoes & The Deconstructed S'More
Manders - Chocolate grilled cheese with tomato soup dipping sauce & Chocolate pot roast
AO - Chocolate Curry Beef with brown rice & White chocolate creme brulee
K-No - Chocolate mole enchiladas & Chili chocolate pot de creme
Quinn - Pepper crusted beef tenderloin with pumpkin ravioli and glazed sweet potatoes & TSTotATaaAC


Cynical Siren said...

Jen! Hook a girl up with some pictures!

Rogue Designs said...

I know, I'm really dying to see the photos that were taken. I was way too busy running around like a mad woman to do it myself. I'll post once I get them; til then, check out Quinn's blog for his photos.

Quinn said...

Steak, ravioli and sweet potatoes recipe here: http://blog.nermo.com/?p=1115

Rogue Designs said...

I totally missed that when I first posted, I'll update!