Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Greenbeans a la Aylene

My stepmother is the Pied Piper of greenbeans. They line up outside our kitchen, cutting in line, hopping around eagerly hoping, praying, begging that she will dain them worthy of preparation. The best ones actually appear to be lining up outside her mother's house in the backyard (thanks Kay!), but I know they're hoping to make the trip to Aylene's kitchen too.
Seriously, I can eat an entire batch of these and I have yet to master making them exactly right.

She preps the beans, as you do (washing, cutting off ends, cutting into two inch pieces, etc.).
Then boils them until JUST tender and rinses.
A knob of butter into a pan until it starts to brown. In go the beans to be tossed in the butter and now doused in garlic powder (not garlic salt). And she must mean DOUSED. Toss and stir, stir and toss.
Take off the heat and add in lemon juice to taste - I'd say about a third of a cup for a big batch of beans.

I try it with olive oil too, but I think it really needs the butter. Maybe I'll do half and half to cut back on the butter a little. Or maybe I'll just do it like she does and stop wailing about how mine never turn out as good.

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